Perceptive Travel Back Issues

November 2020

A Lucky Dog Road Trip from Mexico to Maryland by Camille Cusumano
A quest to see a house of memories one last time and give up a dog for adoption turns into an eventful road trip from Monterrey to the mid-Atlantic USA.

Water People of the Mekong by James Michael Dorsey
The Mekong River passes through five countries and hundreds of communities of Southeast Asia, a flowing road of commerce and culture.

Through Rocks and Roses: Traveling in Iran with an Infant by Shivaji Das
A couple travels to Iran on a university teaching assignment, making their first long international trip with their new daughter a doubly confounding experience.

Being Fit for Adventures is Being Fit for Life by Julia Hubbel
Why training for the Big Adventure isn't just about a summit photo.

Travel Book Reviews — William Caverlee
A guide for taking good street art photos, the streets of megacity Tokyo, and a travel guide about boldly going beyond our planet.

October 2020

Six Degrees of Separation at a Saigon Hot Dog Stand by Richard Sterling
An expat writer in Saigon goes in search of nostalgic street food and finds an unlikely link to a past romance.

Finding the Wrong Family in Rural Western Ukraine by Michelle Lawson
In an attempt to get to know the place her late father spent his first 27 years, an English traveler returns to his remote village in rural Ukraine to stay with a distant relative.

Accepting Fate on the GR7 Hiking Trail of Spain by Jeremy Bassetti
Plans for a long-term hike in the Spanish Alpujarras region provides a lesson on the futility of making plans at all in a place that operates on nature's schedule.

Dug-outs Downstream in PNG by Tony Robinson-Smith
Can a hollowed-out tree trunk get you down a crocodile-infested tropical river in Papua New Guinea? Two Canadians find out.

Travel Book Reviews — Susan Griffith
Two road trips on the North American continent and a journey by sail along the coast of the Celtic fringe.

September 2020

For Now, Travels in My Mind by James Michael Dorsey
A life-long adventurer who traveled to some of the world's most remote places pulls from his home of souvenirs while isolating to protect the planet's weakest.

Paddling Home in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota by Heidi Siefkas
Paddling, wandering, and camping can do wonders for the soul when disconnected from Wi-Fi and reconnected with nature—despite the occasional obstacles.

Return to Death Valley by Debi Goodwin
A long-time lover of Death Valley returns to see if the park still has its magic after her life has changed.

Trying Isolated Farm Life on a Uruguay Estancia by Tim Leffel
A writer who abandoned farm country for urban life and travel spends some time off the grid on a cattle and sheep estancia in South America.

Travel Book Reviews — William Caverlee
The work of Japanese artisans, an American's life in Paris, and classic grand American theaters captured before their final curtain.

August 2020

How to Lose Friends and Mortify People While Hiking in Peru by Marco Ferrarese
Trying to impress an old friend, a travel writer decides to take a shortcut during a Lares trek and a mountain hike in the Andes becomes a test of survival.

Calling the Earth to Witness the Truth in Tibet by Patti Lefkos
A writer looks back on her visit to Tibet more than a decade ago, with her guide calmly enduring the Chinese suppression that has only gotten worse in the years since.

Motovun, Croatia: Visions Of Elusive Paradise Before The Pandemic by John Wright
On a grand driving tour of Croatia from end to end, a couple unwittingly gets their last look at paradise for a while.

Crossing the Omo in Ethiopia by James Michael Dorsey
All that was required to get to the Ethiopian village was crossing a river in a dugout canoe. A river full of crocodiles...

Travel Book Reviews — Susan Griffith
A pleasingly quirky exploration of contemporary Britain through the lens of past writers, a collection of road trips to make you drool, and a slight little book of travel quotations destined for the bathroom shelf.

July 2020

Where Wildlife Protection and Human Prospering Work Together in Kenya by Julia Hubbel
A model for conservation practices in Kenya means hope for Africa's great mammals and her people though the unique Ol Pejeta sustainable system.

Sailing From Fredrikstad to Amsterdam, Chasing the Wind by Jodie Bond
A traveler plies the waters of northern Europe on a ship with 26 sails and a 100-foot main mast, the passengers joining the crew on duty in rotating shifts.

Lessons and Losses on Easter Island by Debi Goodwin
Photos and stories going back to her childhood linger with a writer who dreams of seeing the mysterious statues of remote Easter Island. It comes together just before the world shuts down.

A Phone Call From a Statue in Parma, Italy by Claudia Flisi
In a city best known for what goes in the mouths of diners around the world, its famous dead people come to life and tell you their stories.

Travel Book Reviews — William Caverlee
The definitive guide for walking the Camino de Santiago, Instagram in book form, and yet another "best of" round-up from Lonely Planet.

June 2020

Beating a Hasty Retreat from the USA in a Private 737 Airliner by Norm Bour
What happens when everyone is told to "shelter at home," but you are nomad without a home? Maybe you pick a spot and get a jet plane all to yourself.

A Pilgrimage to Meteora by Dave Seminara
Returning to Greece 15 years after a magical visit to Meteora, a now-father with his kids along finds the object of his quest hidden among an explosion of international tourists.

Mining the Past in Southwest Montana by Tim Leffel
From $40 billion in gold to "the richest hill on Earth," a look back at the booms and busts that defined the birth of Montana in the late 1800s—with a few happy endings.

Tensions Beneath the Bling in Chechnya and Ingushetia by Stephen M. Bland
A trip to the North Caucasus Republics of Ingushetia and Chechnya in Russia's Wild East is not for the faint of heart.

Travel Book Reviews — Susan Griffith
A compendium of world maps that relies on clever visuals to reveal startling facts about the world, and another that describes and illustrates 37 places from history and nature that once were and are no longer. Plus a fizzingly original book that treats cycle-touring as a philosophical statement.

May 2020

"You Weren't Going There Anyway" issue

April 2020

"Salute to the Guides" issue

March 2020

Austin's East Side: Art for the Masses by Sherry Shahan
In rapidly growing Austin, Texas, the street art in one corner sparks conversations and cultivates awareness.

Candelaria: When 1,000 Dressed-up Dolls Come to Mexican Mass by Lydia Carey
It can take years of being in Mexico to begin to understand the layers of tradition, mixed theology, and hidden meanings. And what's up with those elaborately dressed-up Baby Jesus dolls?

Disquiet in Lisbon by Beebe Bahrami
Walking through Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa's Lisbon and its many layers, nuances, and doorways.

YOLO, FOMO, and Semper Paratus on Swim Call in the Caribbean by Gillian Kendall
A guest lecturer on a ship only dives once before requiring rescue from the US Coast Guard.

Travel Book Reviews — William Caverlee
A photography collection from wild places, a memoir of a decade of nomadic travel, plus a book on the strange and often bloody religious festivals of Asia.

February 2020

Tracking the Elusive Loggerhead Turtle in Touristy Crete by David Kalish
A visitor to the island of Crete joins a sea turtle protection mission in an area stacked with beach chairs and watersports motors.

Back to the Future in Palermo by Claudia Flisi
A writer returns to Palermo, Sicily and finds a lot has changed for the better the second time around.

Horses, Hooves, and Heat in Today's Evolving Ethiopia by Julia Hubbel
In Ethiopia, the ancient and the modern clash as a surge in tourism produces begging children who grow up to become extortionists.

Celebrating a Quebec City Winter Visit by Going All the Way by Tim Leffel
A writer who has successfully avoided wearing a heavy coat for years embraces winter in Quebec City, sleeping in a sub-freezing room of ice and then venturing out on foot and skis.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
A down-to-earth yet inspiring how-to guide about travel writing, an exemplar of the genre visiting places on the edge of civilization, and a sumptuous photographic compendium of the many Silk Roads that linked west and east.

January 2020

Hungarian Lies: Budapest, and the Manipulation of History by Rory MacLean
Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the publication of his UK top ten Stalin's Nose, Rory MacLean has retraced his original journey, backwards, from Moscow to Berlin, asking what became of the optimism of those days. Why have so many now fallen for the populists' lies and spin, dragging democracy to this precarious present moment?

A Horseback Trek in the Andes with the Argentine Men of the Mountains by Madelaine Triebe
Five days of horseback riding in the Andes Mountains with no cleaning up and no set itinerary is a daunting travel test with the gauchos of few words.

Bowling with Giants on Saint Michael's Way in Cornwall by Beebe Bahrami
Trekking in Cornwall, England, on Saint Michael's Way reveals a pilgrimage through prehistory, presence, enchantment, and legend, including rock-throwing giants.

Finding My Ghost of the Future in the Amazon Jungle by Laura Resau
What happens when you come face to face with your possible future self in one of the wildest places on earth?

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
A look at the rugged and wild coasts of Canada in photographs, the latest book about Italy from Frances Mayes, and a guide to voluntourism around the world.

December 2019

Sasabe and El Paso Border Towns: History, Street Art, and Tolerance by Sherry Shahan
Traveling from southern Arizona to eastern Texas by the Mexican border, a California journalist encounters challenging issues.

Living in the Moment Along the Kumano Kodo of Japan by Heidi Siefkas
While hiking the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route in one of the most scenic areas in Japan, a visitor starts to learn the local customs and get lessons in cherishing every gathering: "Ichi-go Ichi-e."

Cow Patties, Claws, and a Camel at a Mongolian Homestay by Julia Hubbel
Spending four days on the cold plains of Mongolia exposes the hard scrabble life of a farm family and their assorted animals.

Adventures in Kenya: Visiting the Hot Zone of Kitum Cave by Mark Aspelin
Near the Kenya-Uganda border lies the infamous Kitum Cave, home to bats, elephants, and perhaps a devastating virus.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
A penetrating exploration of eastern Europe three decades after the Berlin Wall came down, an invitation to travel mindfully, and a compendium of one thousand travel marvels.

November 2019

A Gun for Bears and Russians on Georgia's Ossetian Military Road by Stephen M. Bland
While Russians and Georgians still drink together in the sparsely populated areas to the north along the border, the scars from past conflicts are a reminder of bad feelings just under the surface.

A Reluctant Pilgrimage to Varanasi by Camille Cusumano
A traveler to India's holiest city wonders if she is pilgrim or tourist, culture hound or voyeur.

The Stones of Genghis Khan by James Michael Dorsey
Near Kanas, in an old land once ruled by nomadic horsemen, strange monoliths stand where people hang portraits of The Great Khan in their home.

Finding Nature in Mexico Near the Mega Metropolis by Tim Leffel
Mexico City from the air looks like a never-ending floor covered with Lego blocks, but an escape from the concrete leads to adventures in the natural world and on community-owned land.

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
A lowdown on Asian elephants, a primer on #vanlife, and the history of road trips in America.

October 2019

A Digital Detox While Connecting With Nature: Four Weeks Unplugged in Remote Canada by Julia Hubbel
A writer feeling the effects of too much time online saddles up and heads into one of the most remote areas of North America: the Muskwa-Kechika Wilderness of British Colombia.

Shifting Gears in Baracoa, Cuba by Heidi Siefkas
It's best to go with the flow while riding the picturesque back roads of eastern Cuba in a '54 Plymouth.

Footsteps of Frost: The Poet's Path in England by Megan Eaves
A writer who discovered the beauty of language through Robert Frost goes walking in his footsteps in the English countryside, thorns and all.

My Palestinian Pillows by James Michael Dorsey
A traveler looks back on a visit to Jordan with a Palestinian guide packing heat...

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
A daring trip along the Indus River through Pakistan, a slickly produced photographic book of the earth's 100 best places to visit, and a valuable repository of tips on where travel budgets stretch the furthest.

September 2019

Compassionate Education Versus Dark Tourism at an Oregon Mental Hospital by Teresa Bergen
A writer visiting the Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health, the historic building where One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed, tries to suppress her morbid curiosity.

Chernobyl: Mutate and Survive by Tom Coote
Nearly thirty years after the nuclear power plant disaster at Chernobyl, both tourism and wildlife are thriving within the exclusion zone.

Complicated Crime and Punishment in Colombia by Tom Coote
Crime is way down in Colombia since the Pablo Escobar coke cartel days, but there's still an uneasy relationship with the police and an uncomfortable reverence for the slain kingpin.

The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus by Darrin DuFord
Standing in the shadows of Cyprus' youngest ruins triggers both an aversion to political obstinacy and an appreciation of nature's relaxed style of reclaiming human-created structures.

Bring Your Daughter to the Torajan Slaughter in Indonesia by Marco Ferrarese
In the highlands of south Sulawesi, a fake bloodline helps a couple find more gore than they can stomach.

August 2019

Too Cool for Normal in Illinois by Gillian Kendall
Traveling through the heartland of America, a coastal snob loses her mind...and a few preconceptions.

The Last Village in North Borneo by Marco Ferrarese
Sailing on the lesser-trawled eastern fringes of Sabah, a travel writer witnesses how life may change in an incredibly remote place that's slowly opening to tourism.

Milan: My Gray Grand Dame Turns Golden by Susan Van Allen
The alchemy of a good risotto conjured up in a cooking class is the key to transforming a visit to fashion-obsessed Milan.

Magdalena Mexico Whale Watching From a Baja Island Camp by Tim Leffel
Waking up to see gray whales swimming by is magical enough, but watching mamas and babies cavort just a few feet away on the water is an experience unique to the Baja Peninsula.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
Two very different books about European train travel that complement one another nicely, plus another view of Europe through the lens of the final two years of World War II.

July 2019

Chillin' with the Geladas in Ethiopia by Claudia Flisi
Where the wild things still are in Ethiopia: visiting Simien National Park in search of a singular kind of monkey.

Lessons in Leadership While Horseback Riding in Iceland by Julia Hubbel
Riding horses in Iceland into the vast countryside can be treacherous even in the best months, so when trouble strikes, there had better be a good travel guide leader in control of the journey.

A Climb To the Mountain of Fire in New Zealand by Debi Goodwin
A traveler hikes the path to the movies' "Mount Doom" in New Zealand and finds the usual overly safe groomed tramping trails don't apply for Nguaruhoe.

The Last Muezzin of Timbuktu by James Michael Dorsey
Insights into the call of prayer and a dying tradition in the mud-caked landscape of Mali.

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
Another book on a long bike ride where the quest trumps all, a photo-heavy guide to wildlife viewing, and strange tales from travels around the globe.

June 2019

Traveling With the Moroccan Chameleon That Didn't Want to Die by Marco Ferrarese
A travel writer helps a quirky North African gris-gris go back to Mothern Nature near Chefchaouen.

The Cradle of Russia: Frozen in the Golden Ring by Antonia Malchik
A writer who occasionally visited her parents' native home of Russia as a child sets off on an independent trip from the capital to the land of her father in the dead of winter.

A Warriors' Welcome in Maikmol, PNG by Tony Robinson-Smith
Trekking the road less traveled in Papua New Guinea brings two Canadians to a village more connected than it first appears.

Booms, Busts, and Rebirths on the Erie Canal by Tim Leffel
Braving wintry weather (in May!) to explore Rochester and Syracuse, a writer digs up info on the great dig itself, a waterway that had a huge impact on the economic rise of the United States.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
A fascinating insight into the Russia behind the headlines and a heartening account of moving lock, stock and barrel to Venice.

May 2019

Quiet for Pigeon, Loud for Boar, Shoulder-High for Rabbit by Beebe Bahrami
In which the author discovers the perils, humor, and rewards of walking the Chemin de Saint-Jacques (Way of Saint James) in the French Pyrenees during hunting season.

Touring Arusha with the Flycatchers in Tanzania by Claudia B. Flisi
When a cop tells everyone to get out and the car drives away, having a savvy Tanzanian fixer at your side can salvage the adventure.

Healed by Adventure Travel on the Way to Raja Ampat Julia Hubbel
Can Nature truly heal? One man finds out as he goes on a snorkeling trip through the islands of Indonesia between Ambon and Raja Ampat.

Days of Musical Bliss at the Montreal Jazz Festival by Tim Leffel
The Montreal International Festival of Jazz presents musicians bringing their A-game, impressive sound production, and an atmosphere of civilized festivity.

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
Strange quasi-countries you didn't know existed, the golden age of crazy explorers, and a guide to living in China as an English teacher.

April 2019

A Vintage Roadtrip: Butterflies, Blues and VW Buses by Lydia Carey
A driver relives his happiest childhood memories, a passenger gets to experience the family road trip she never had.

A True Roman Neighborhood by Debi Goodwin
A tourist in Rome seeks a neighborhood where she can see the real life of the city.

Abkhazia: Party Amidst the Ruins Stephen Bland
Finding that Russian tourists will go most anywhere that speaks their language and serves cheap vodka, a writer joins them in the gutted and gut-wrenching former section of Georgia known as Abkhazia.

Retracing the Steps of Lila and Elena in Naples by Michael Shapiro
A walking tour visits the places where two fictional characters come of age in rubble-strewn Naples after World War II.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
Diametrically opposed world travels by an elite athlete obsessed with cycling 240 miles a day for 75 days and by an early-retired couple who dawdle along on cruises. Plus a sometimes astute, sometimes droll account of travels along the River Rhine.

March 2019

Dreaming of Djenné by James Michael Dorsey
Standing in the same form it has been since 1907, the grand Djerbinger Mosque dominates Djenné with its eccentric style and glowing sunbaked mud construction.

Not the Usual Tour of HCMC: Medicines, Markets, and Floating Temples by Claudia B. Flisi
A traveler looking for a more authentic part of Saigon, Vietnam, ends up getting lost in the back alleys of a neighborhood where few foreigners tread.

Stormy Seas, Spectacular Skies on Norway's Hurtigruten Cruise by David Nikel
A traveler braves gale-force winds on Norway's famous Hurtigruten coastal voyage in the depths of winter for a set of dazzling rewards.

America's Longest Stretch of History in St. Augustine, Florida by Tim Leffel
After centuries of pirate raids, native skirmishes, a mighty fort, and an ambitious railway stretching to the south, the USA's oldest city now just makes you battle over-indulgence.

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
Great train journeys around the world and two narrative tales of long-term journeys around the globe—with no regrets.

February 2019

Finding Gandhi by Kelsey Timmerman
A search for the Good Person Equation leads to Gandhi's apartment in Mumbai.

Barbershop Postcards—a True Cultural Travel Selfie by Bruce Northam
With a bit of luck, sometimes the mane event is the main event. A writer and tour guide documents his world travels with mirror photos from the barber's chair.

Once in a Lifetime: Visiting Bruegel in Vienna by Michael Shapiro
A chance to see a rare collection of a 16th-century painter's work that never before appeared in one place, a mother and son connect on a spontaneous journey to Austria.

Finding the Secret Beaches of Panama and Costa Rica by Tim Leffel
A lifelong non-cruiser says yes to a small ship adventure journey that skirts the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica, seeking out empty beaches for paddling and snorkeling.

Travel Book Reviews by Susan Griffith
A woman motorbikes solo around Iran, a British comedian explores remote South Asia with a documentary crew, plus a Lonely Planet compendium presents the best ever travel high points of a hundred writers.

January 2019

Days of Celebration in Small-town Umbria by Debi Goodwin
The historic town of Montone in Italy comes alive when a festival brings noise and joy to a normally sleepy community.

Getting Schooled on the Consequences of Cultural Interference by James Michael Dorsey
When trying to improve the long-established tools of a society in Benin in West Africa, a generous-feeling traveler who means well ends up causing havoc.

Mount Whitney or Die by Sherry Shahan
Climbing to the summit of a 4,400-meter peak is never easy, but hiking to the top and back in one day takes a giant leap of faith—or a dose of insanity.

From Farm to Glass in the Finger Lakes of New York by Tim Leffel
Wine is just the start of the local hooch buffet in Upstate New York, where adventurous alchemists are turning local crops into elixirs for our mugs and goblets.

Travel Book Reviews by William Caverlee
Travels with the great explorers of history, in words and sketches, plus an overview of a sprawling U.S. national park that is also the most popular in the 50 states.

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