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What do we do when we can't hop on a plane to another country whenever we want? Marco Ferrarese decides to explore the wild side of Penang, walking across the whole island in Malaysia.

Beebe Bahrami looks back on her first magical journey to Provence, where the great river road of the Rhone transforms travelers into pilgrims.

Stephen M. Bland travels to northern Azerbaijan, to the town of Quba. There he discovers holiness mixed with a history of bloodshed, bootleg goods, and ganja.

The word "overtourism" has dropped out of the lexicon, replaced by rare opportunities to see famous places without the crowds. I look back at my inspiring visit to Machu Picchu in 2005 and the chance to create that serene experience again now.

As usual, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. Susan Griffith checks out one on the historic lost land of Lotharingia, a memoir of a self-sufficient life on an island, and 100 Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up.

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