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Richard Sterling, who now lives in Cambodia, looks back on a chance encounter in Saigon that brought back memories of a glorious past romance. All through a street cart hot dog.

Tony Robinson-Smith is back with another tale from a three-week trip in Papau New Guinea, this time trying to gear up for a trip down a treacherous river in the hinterlands.

Jeremy Bassetti makes his Perceptive Travel debut with a story of a thwarted hiking trip adventure on the GR7, a trek through the Spanish villages of the Alpujarras region.

Another newcomer, Michelle Lawson, travels to rural Ukraine to find her late father's relatives in the homeland, only to end up with some scattered in-laws.

As usual, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. Susan Griffith checks out a Brit's voyage across America, another's voyage to some remote Scottish islands, and the latest (on Mexico) from Paul Theroux.

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