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We've been at this for 12 years and have racked up a few virtual shelves of awards for our contributors. The latest to score is Melissa Adams. Her story, She Called Me Bindass, won two Silver awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association. One was for writing, in the very competitive Destination Travel category, the other for photography, in the Overall Excellence category. Darrin DuFord—who has won multiple awards for his PT stories—was a finalist for The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus. Congrats!

Just by chance, three of our stories are from Asia this month, but apart from that they've got nothing in common. Judith Fein visits a delightfully strange village in Japan that now has more life-sized dolls than real people.

Bruce Northam heads back to Thailand and sees a tuk-tuk in a different way: by getting driving lessons and taking one onto the open road outside of Chiang Mai.

Candace Dempsey explores the glory days of the British Empire in northern India, seeing the opulent side of the colorful country from Amritsar to Shimla and points between.

James Dorsey is back with a tale of traveling along the Amazon River and going into the jungle with Peru's equivalent of Tarzan.

Bill Caverlee reviews three new travel books: a National Geographic coffee table book, one on solo travel, and one that may give us some insight into the challenges of future space travel.

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