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This month, several regulars return with tales from their jaunts around the world. Our associate editor Lydia Carey sets out from her home base in Mexico City in search of monarch butterfly migration stops. A driver relives his happiest childhood memories, a passenger gets to experience the family road trip she never had.

We ended up with two stories this month from the travel magazines' favorite destination: Italy. We're not ticking off the famous sites though. Debi Goodwin goes in search of a real neighborhood in Rome, looking for an area not filled with shouting guides, queues, and tourist trinket shops. Michael Shapiro goes on a walking tour of Naples, visiting the places where two fictional characters from a well-known novel come of age in the rubble-strewn city post-World War II.

Stephen Bland ventures to a country, sort of, that was once a favored seaside vacation spot in Georgia. He joins the Russian tourists who still come to what's left of a pseudo-nation known as Abkhazia.

Susan Griffith handles the travel book reviews this month, checking out two round-the-world journeys with very different aims and an account of the Rhine River end to end.

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Looking for a traveler's tale that appeared in a previous issue? Dive into the Perceptive Travel story archives, where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut in 2006. In between new online magazine issues, check out the award-winning Perceptive Travel Blog for shorter takes on the weird and wonderful.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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