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Don't just take it from us though. Fresh off from our editor picking up his two Gold awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association at their banquet last month, this month we've got another winner. Luke Armstrong picked up a Bronze in the Solas Best Travel Writing Awards for his Perceptive Travel story Learning to Walk Fully in Thailand. Regular contributor James Dorsey also picked up a few prizes for stories he published elsewhere.

This month, several regulars return with tales from their jaunts around the world. James Dorsey is one of them, with a story on Djenné, a city rising out of the desert in Mali.

Claudia Flisi wants to get out of the glitzy tourist and business district of Ho Chi Minh City, so she hires a guide to dive into a part of Vietnam that's well off the normal travelers' route.

Guidebook author David Nikel boards the Norwegian Hurtigurten tour during the coldest and darkest time of the year, but does get to see moonscapes and the flickering Northern Lights.

After years of being in Florida, I finally make a trip to the oldest settlement in the USA—St. Augustine—to find the once-embattled city now showing a happier, more welcoming face.

Bill Caverlee handles the travel book reviews this month, checking a book on great train journeys around the world and two narratives on global travel.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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