Welcome to Perceptive Travel online magazine, where we bring you some of the most interesting and unusual traveling stories from around the globe each month, all from published book authors.

Yeah we know, nobody is traveling right now, whether they want to or not. Many of our stories are of the armchair variety: quirky places you'll never get to and crazy adventures you'll probably never take. Still, our weekly traffic is nosediving along with that of every other online travel magazine and blog out there. So this month, instead of publishing new material at the worst possible time, we're dipping into the archives for a "Salute to the Guides" issue.

Our adventures would be a pale version of the stories on these pages without the local guides who lead us into places we could never get to on our own, who keep us out of trouble in dangerous places, and who give us insight into local cultures and nature. Most of these jobs are now in limbo, the guides out of work until we get past this current crisis. So we want to keep them top of mind and give them their due since there's seldom a government bail-out for the little guys and gals who make your trip great.

Addicted to the conveniences of modern-day life, city dweller Bruce Northam ventures into the wilds of Sarawak, Malaysia with a true survivalist in "Rent a Real Man in Borneo."

Riding horses in Iceland into the vast countryside can be treacherous even in the best months, so when trouble strikes, Julia Hubbel learns that there had better be a good leader in control of the journey.

An itch to fill an unknown space on the map in Chiapas leads Nick Rider on a long mountain trek to a cloud forest vastness of amazing riches in the wildest part of Mexico.

Entering the rainforest along the Amazon River with a local guide, James Dorsey gets a deeper insight into this mysterious world and its magic with his own personal Tarzan.

When Kirsten Koza visits a mountain lake that doesn't appear on her map of Kyrgyzstan, a small tour group encounters a group of threatening men with mysterious origins.

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Looking for some good armchair travel reading while you dream about future trips? Dive into the Perceptive Travel story archives, where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut nearly a decade and a half ago. In between new online magazine issues, check out the award-winning Perceptive Travel Blog for shorter takes on the weird and wonderful around the world.

Stay safe!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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