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This month, several regular writers return with tales from their jaunts around the world and we welcome one new contributor.

On the heels of authoring a new Moon Handbook guide to walking the Camino, Beebe Bahrami hikes the less traveled rural French part of the trail. Unfortunately, it turns out to be hunting season, when most everything shuts down.

Claudia Flisi travels to Tanzania and finds out the meaning of "flycatcher" when a local guide works his magic to turn a few setbacks into a great adventure in the end.

Julia Hubbel has a story on the healing power of travel, with the tale of a man who takes a boat tour through Indonesian islands, walking and snorkeling while trying to recover from surgery.

I spent a few steamy July days in Montreal last summer, checking out one of the hottest jazz festivals in the world. It's a civilized, perfectly mixed series of shows, with plenty of heritage in the city that gave us the gramophone.

William Caverlee handles the travel book reviews this month. He looks at books on quasi-countries you didn't know existed, the golden age of extreme explorers, and a guide to living in China as an English teacher.

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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