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The outlook for the new year is looking a lot brighter than 2020 did, though admittedly it would be hard for it to be any worse. With a new president in the USA and three vaccines making their way into people's arms, healthy freedom of movement should get better as the year moves on. Meanwhile, we try to put out deeper, more thoughtful travel stories anyway, articles worth reading whether you're making plans for the featured place or not.

In This Issue

We get a bit more inward-looking and philosophical in this issue, a fitting kick-off to a year filled with unknowns. One of those unknowns is when it will feel safe to get on a plane again, especially one that's packing its seats full. Dave Seminara starts us off on a cringe-worthy light note: "Flying Spirit with Mr. Skyes."

Sherry Shahan dives into a classic travel adventure book about a rough Borneo expedition and contrasts it with her own memories of creature encounters in Kenya and Australia.

Bruce Northam looks back at his troublemaker early years in suburban Long Island and finds that childhood adventures, explorations, and mischief are good training for a life of traveling and becoming a curious writer.

The nomad's life ground to a halt for Norm Bour when he got stuck in one place, so he takes an internal journey instead with a Mexican jungle shaman and a potent plant.

As usual, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. Bill Caverlee checks out a Viking adventures history lesson, a travel memoir of a Russian family, and a detailed history of forgotten peoples worldwide.

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Sample More Craft Beer in 2021

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Congrats to reader Josh L. from New York State. He's about to upgrade his videos thanks to a $229 AK2000C handheld gimbal for digital cameras from FeiyuTech.

This month we're giving someone (and a pub crawl buddy) the chance to sample their local micro-breweries in earnest, with a PubPass that gets them a free beer at multiple places. Since you can't use your real passport much right now, use this beer passport to go traveling around a U.S. city instead. They have passes for 13 cities, from South Florida to Denver. Check out that link for the full list.

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