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Last month we returned to publishing new material again as some places started to open back up to tourists. We have a bumpy road ahead for travelers, but our online magazine puts out narrative stories anyway, not destination round-ups or 18 things you must do in 48 hours in this city or that. We try to dig deeper instead of just showing you the surface.

This month Julia Hubbel starts us off with some good news: a story about a combination conservation project and ranch project that actually works, in Kenya.

We welcome a new author for us, Jodie Bond, who sailed around the edge of northern Europe on a large sailing ship, one where the passengers needed to join the crew on work shifts.

Debi Goodwin returns with a story of making a childhood dream come true: visiting remote Rapa Nui and seeing the giant statues on what is otherwise known as Easter Island.

When Claudia Flisi sent us an article about talking statues in Parma, Italy, it was March—bad timing. Now that Italy has this virus under control, it's time to take a virtual trip to the land of Parmesan cheese.

Last, we have a round of three travel book reviews—and don't tell us you don't have time to read right now! William Caverlee checks out a Camino de Santiago guide from one of our contributors, Instagram in book form, and yet another "best of" round-up from Lonely Planet.

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Head to the beach without losing your valuables

vault at pool

First up, congrats to subscriber Jarred R. of St. Louis. He's got a pair of gold-plated aviator sunglasses from Wright Brothers headed his way after coming out of the randomizer last month.

You've got enough to worry about at the beach or pool this summer just trying to keep your distance, so make it easy to protect your valuables. This month we're giving away FlexSafe portable safe from AquaVault. It hooks onto your pool chair, beach chair, or any other fixed object and locks with a combination lock you can change. Easy to pack and carry, a $70 value prize. Click the photo to see details.

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