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In our latest issue we take you to the northern hills of Morocco, the cattle plains of Uruguay, the shores of Lake Atitlan, and the Florida Keys.

Zora O'Neill travels through Morocco with her parents, in a country where they once lived, and finally makes real connections with the locals when they give up halfway through an ambitious hike.

Claudia Flisi stays in an estancia lodge in Uruguay and rides horses with the gauchos on a cattle drive.

Luke Armstrong decides it's a logical move to switch coconut vendors when he moves five kilometers down the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. But his former supplier has different ideas.

I explore the Lower Florida Keys six months after Hurricane Irma blasted the landscape, seeing how man and nature are holding up after yet another tropical storm.

Bill Caverless steps up for the book reviews this month and checks out titles on vanished countries and naturalist John Muir, plus a collection of stories from one of PT's regular contributors.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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