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James Dorsey is feeling the pain many of us are experiencing while being a lifelong adventurer stuck at home. While staying safe and looking out for others though, he's got his mementos from around the world to keep him company...

Heidi Siefkas decides that the best antidote for cabin fever in her own house is to get out into wilderness with a canoe and a tent in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, USA.

Debi Goodwin took several trips to Death Valley over the years, exploring it with her late husband. Will the wilderness park still retain its magic when she goes back now, solo?

A year ago I experienced a different kind of isolation while staying on a ranch in Uruguay, off the grid and trying out the simple life. After decades of urban life, how well would I fall into the groove of cattle herding, farm chores, and no electronics?

As usual, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. William Caverlee checks out the work of Japanese artisans, an American's life in Paris, and grand American movie theaters from a century ago or more, captured before their final curtain.

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A Water Bottle With a Built-in Purifier

crazy cap water bottle with purifier

First up, congrats to subscriber John M. of North Carolina. He's got a 3-pack of innovative water bottles to go from Nomader from our August round.

This month you've got a shot at a water bottle with a built-in purifier. Using UV light like a SteriPen, the rechargeable cap contains a built-in purifier for the sleek bottle the winner gets in a color of their choice—plus a carrying accessory. These CrazyCap bottles retail for $69 at the likes of Urban Outfitters and Target, but one Perceptive Travel reader who's paying attention will have one coming in the mail. Then they can stop buying throwaway plastic water bottles forever.

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