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This month we head to Ethiopia, where a rise in tourism numbers is producing a whole host of other problems. In between a horse trek and visits to the country's two most famous attractions, Julia Hubbel looks at the impact on local society and traditional life.

Progress can be trouble, but it can also be a boon, as Claudia Flisi finds when she returns to Palermo, Sicily. It's been 25 years since her first visit, when the mob was ordering brash murders, including on a priest.

David Kalish makes his debut here this month, highlighting a visit to a busy beach town in Crete where a local group scours the sand between beach chairs to save the hatchling loggerhead turtles after mothers lay their eggs.

After spending most of the last few years in places where donning a jacket is a rare event, I embraced winter full-on by heading to Quebec City in January, sleeping in a room of ice and going out into the snow during sub-freezing days.

Susan Griffith reviews three new and notable travel books, from wild outposts to the Silk Road to how to spin a good travel story as a writer.

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This month, the product we had scheduled got delayed a year because of Chinese shipping issues, so instead we're giving away four books that will inspire your wanderlust and get you on your way without spending a fortune. One lucky Perceptive Travel reader will get a package from Amazon with paperbacks of The World's Cheapest Destinations 5th Edition, The Affordable Flight Guide, Travel the World on $50 a Day, and the beautiful Comfortably Wild: The Best Glamping Destinations in North America.

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