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This month, we have four traveling tales from three continents plus we check out three new books hitting the shelves.

Gillian Kendall spends reluctant time in the American Midwest prior to boarding a multi-day train across the country, but finds her heartland predjudices challenged in small-town Illinois.

Marco Ferrarese travels to a very remote area of Sabah in North Borneo, where the small population wrestles with the conundrum of the progress and the problems that come with welcoming tourists.

Susan Van Allen visits her least favorite Italian city of Milan, but warms to the place much more after eating and learning to make the signature dish of Risotto alla Milanese.

I return to the natural adventure playground of Baja, Mexico to stay at a desert island camp next to a gray whale breeding and birthing ground.

Susan Griffith handles the book reviews this month, checking out two books on great train journeys plus a very detailed one on the "liberation routes" of Europe after WWII.

A Tough Flashlight for Your Next Decade of Adventures

adventure flashlight

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Is your wimpy phone flashlight not cutting it when you need to see in the dark on your adventures? Well if you're lucky, you might score a heavy-duty 1600 lumen rechargeable metal flashlight from Fenix Lighting. Even on high it'll run for nearly six hours.

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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