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In our latest issue we take you beyond the beaten path in four destinations: Armenia, Guatemala, the Malaysian side of Borneo, and where the Maasai tribes roam in Africa.

Stephen M. Bland makes his Perceptive Travel debut with a story on the Debed Canyon region of Armenia, a place where visitors endure extra-strength industrial pollution to see a couple UNESCO World Heritage sites.

James Dorsey is back with a story on a boy becoming a man in the Maasai way, but with a tweak that has evolved to give the great lions another day.

Marco Ferrarese journeys to the West Malaysian side of Borneo, joining a humanitarian mission that turns out to be more about photo ops than cultural understanding.

Shelley Seale returns with a story from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where one village is revitalized thanks to many buckets of paint in the right colors.

Then William Caverlee reviews three new travel books on beer, birds, and award-winning narratives.

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