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It's good news here, bad news there in the world of travel, so we've got another mix of essays from past jaunts around the world as we look forward to more countries opening up this summer and fall. We appreciate your continued support in these trying times for the travel industry and the people who work in it.

In This Issue

Claudia Flisi kicks things off with the story behind a well-tended garden: a landscape architect's creation in the wine country of Tuscany.

Nature author Sneed B. Collard III makes his Perceptive Travel debut with a family trip to the jungle, exploring the Amazon Basin Yasuni area of Ecuador.

In an excerpt from his new e-book The First (Failed) Travel Food Show, Leif Pettersen looks back on a 1990s trip to Morocco as a newly hired cameraman for what was a novelty then: an on-location TV show about food.

I look back at two trips to Jalisco, in Mexico, to do a deep dive into the area's main export and its namesake town: Tequila.

Susan Griffith is back with some book reviews, including an anthology of adventure tales, a young writer's series of bus tours with retirees, and one author's ruminations on islands around the world.

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One Reader Will Be Stylin' With New Serengeti Shades

travel sunglasses

Each month we give our subscribers a shot at winning something cool for their travels, though for last month we should really say something warm. Suzan A. from Texas scored a Merino wool kerchief from North X North, plus a smaller handkerchief for good measure.

This month we're getting ready for the transition to summer by giving away a pair of polarized Oatman sunglasses from Serengeti Eyewear. I'm a big fan of this European brand and have a couple pairs of their shades in regular rotation. Somebody on our list will land some nice ones built to last.

Readers who have scored in the past just did one thing to start that you can do now: they got on our monthly newsletter list. That gave them a regular shot at luggage, clothing, shoes, or other items for their explorations. Join our free e-mail update community. Then watch for the entry instructions near the beginning of each month. You can also follow us on Facebook and watch our feed for instructions. We are not a giant publication, so your odds are quite good!

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