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This month though, we are taking a break from new material as we travel around for a month and enjoy the last long days of summer. We've been enjoying the Dark Tourist show on Netflix and since we seem to share an interest in strange places and stories, we decided to build this one around a theme. Consider this our own dark tourism collection, with one story on a mental hospital tour and others that overlap with places the TV show visited—usually long after we had written about the bizarre attraction here.

First up, the one story we published that actually had the words of this issue in its name. Check out "Compassionate Education Versus Dark Tourism at an Oregon Mental Hospital," by Teresa Bergen.

For a lot of bad reasons, Chernobyl has been in the news a lot lately and the recent miniseries on TV showed just how badly everyone screwed the pooch when it happened. Thanks to heavy promotion by Ukraine though, the abandoned site has become a big draw for thrill-seeking dark tourists. Tom Coote gave us the scoop back in 2015.

Coote apparently had an eye for this type of thing...or just strange tastes in travel attractions. Back in 2016, he also highlighted the strange relationship and fascination many Colombians have with the murderous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Imagine if Cancun got invaded and everyone who lived and worked there was forced out. Now imagine it's 45 years later and the whole beach resort zone is still a ghost town, with nobody but soldiers and UN personnel allowed to enter. That's what Darrin DuFord found in the Mediterranean in his award-winning story, "The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus."

Tana Toraja in Sulawesi has long attracted intrepid tourists who come for the interesting houses and local rituals, but most don't realize what a bloodbath those Indonesian island rituals actually turn out to be. Marco Ferrese gets more gore than he bargained for in "Bring Your Daughter to the Torajan Slaughter."

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