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In a normal month we publish five new stories and a round of travel book reviews, but this month we're taking a break from that to highlight a few stories that have won "best travel writing" awards in the recent past. Our writers win a lot of these awards, as well as getting into book anthologies, but once we give them a shout-out here on the home page and in the newsletter, they get buried in the archives.

So we're looking back at some of the great travel stories that have pulled in awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association; the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association; and the prestigious Solas Awards sponsored by Travelers' Tales publishing. We're honored every time something we've published gets the nod and thank them for their recognition.

Our most prolific award-winner is James Michael Dorsey, who seems to clean up every year and has pulled in some grand prizes. Here we highlight his historic tale about a drug kingpin in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia. Dustin Grinnell keeps us in Asia for his story, "Walkabout Love in China."

Melissa Adams scored two NATJA awards for the same story: one in a writing category and one in a photography category, for her Pushkar, India tale, "She Called Me Bindaas." We go northeast from there, into another desert, for David Lee Drotar's tale, "Nomadic Voices in the Kingdom of Jordan."

Your humble editor scored a few prizes myself, including a Solas award from my cycling trip with much passport stamping through Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina: "Biking Across Borders in the Balkans."

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Quinn C. from California came out of the randomizer at the end of August and will have a cool Guide Travel Pack 65 from Eagle Creek and National Geographic coming his way. He entered four times before and this time his number came up. Could you be next?

We're skipping this month since we're doing this retropective, but in October we'll be back with a new travel gear prize to score. How do you enter? Simple, just be a part of our regular e-mail issue update community and watch for the entry instructions near the beginning of each month. You can also follow us on Facebook and pay close attention to our feed for instructions. The odds are so good that some readers have scored two times.

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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