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This month we're acting like Europeans and mostly taking the month off for vacation. During the worst months of the pandemic, when nobody was traveling, we did a couple of retrospective issues that highlighted past stories. One of them that featured obscure destinations was titled, "You Weren't Going to Go There Anyway."

This time we're highlighting some progress around the world, with more countries opening up to foreign travelers as vaccination rates rise. So the August one is the "Places You Can Go Now" issue, with a story each from four continents. Plus we do have some new travel book reviews for you to check out.

In This Issue

One of the world's most popular travel destinations, Thailand, is opening back up bit by bit. Since it's the only one to be doing so in a realistic way in Southeast Asia, we're highlighting an article from when Luke Maguire Armstrong went there to recover from an injury with the monks in a quiet place.

Greece is open again, so we're heading back to the beaches of Crete. It's a story from David Kalish about attempts to save baby sea turtle hatchlings on a tourist beach where lounge chairs dominate the landscape.

The Amazon jungle regions of South America are open to travelers again, so we dug out a fun essay from Laura Resau. She lands at her destination in Ecuador and finds a cranky old lady as her travel companion, one the author hopes is not her ghost of the future.

Belize is welcoming travelers back, including via the land border with Mexico, and those who are vaccinated can pass on showing up with test results. I look back on a glorious off-the-grid trip I took paddling a kayak around Glover's Atoll out in the Caribbean Sea.

Bill Caverlee is back with new book reviews. He checks out a foreigner's experience living in Tokyo, an account of visiting every Canadian national park, and one on scenic drives in the USA.

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