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After announcing last month that a few of our stories won prizes in the prestigious Solas Awards sponsored by Travelers' Tales Publishing, we scored another prize. A past feature, Trying Isolated Farm Life on a Uruguay Estancia, won a Bronze in the Personal Essay category from the North American Travel Journalists Association. This is our umpteenth "best travel writing award," but it's always exciting to get that recognition!

After our retrospective "Outside in the USA" issue in March, we're back to publishing all new material in the April issue. Yes, we're looking back on old trips mostly—a very old one for one of these, but with the vaccinations happening at a rapid clip, we're feeling confident about new travels as the year wears on.

In This Issue

Julia Hubbel has written about the intersection of the environment and tourism in Africa before and this time she looks at two trips to Kilimanjaro and the special challenges faced when tourism recovers.

Lydia Carey had the hard job of researching a travel article about the home of mezcal—Oaxaca in Mexico—and stayed on her feet to bring us the story on the artisans creating this storied spirit.

We have run a few stories on Kyrgyzstan, despite its relative obscurity on the intenational tourism map. That's partly because the place has so much personality. Stephen M. Bland tries to figure it all out on Lake Issyk-Kul.

I take a trip down memory lane to three weeks in Morocco in the late 1990s, when trust in a local stranger resulted in a trip of a lifetime instead of a routine tour of the sights.

William Caverlee is back with some book reviews, including one from frequent Italy contributor Susan Van Allen, one on surfing, and one on slow travel.

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