Welcome to Perceptive Travel online magazine, where we bring you some of the most interesting and insightful travel stories from around the globe each month, all from published book authors.

This month we have a debut from Kevin Kelly, a noted author, Wired co-founder, and futurist. He goes back in time instead to talk about what it was like backpacking through Asia in the 1970s.

Claudia B. Flisi returns with a bizarre story heard from a chance encounter with an employee of an African safari lodge, an abduction that turned into a great opportunity.

David Lee Drotar returns to Greece, this time pondering life, death, and the march of centuries on Karpathos Island.

Guidebook writer Madelaine Triebe last reported on a ghost town in Patagonia. This time she goes to the Pantanal in Brazil, but sees the stark contrast between her conservation lodge trip and cowboy country farming.

Susan Griffith handles the travel book reviews this month, checking out three new and noteworthy releases to consider for your nightstand or coffee table.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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