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This month we welcome a new author, Glen Retief, who finally finds his special place in Iceland, a world very different than in Africa where he grew up.

Cynthia Trenshaw also makes her Perceptive Travel debut with an article on making her way through New Zealand as a solo traveler, trusting the kindness of strangers with two degrees of separation.

Tony Robinson-Smith is back, this time with an article about the strange and fastidious birds of West Papua.

I go off the grid and way off shore in Belize, kayaking around Glover's Reef Atoll while based at a tented camp.

William Caverlee handles the book reviews this month, checking out three new and noteworthy releases to consider for your nightstand or coffee table.

A Shirt for Your Travel Valuables

Pickpocket Proof business shirt

We give away something cool for travelers each month. In October, reader Ann from D.C. won a great Swift Parley 2-layer Jacket from Adidas Outdoor, made from recycled plastic water bottles.

This month we're welcoming back one of our favorite apparel companies: Clothing Arts. We're giving away two of their new patterned Pickpocket Proof Business Shirts to one lucky subscriber. (Or if the winner is female, a $160 gift certificate to pick women's items.)

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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