Welcome to Perceptive Travel online magazine, where we bring you some of the most interesting and insightful traveling stories from around the globe each month, all from published book authors.

This month, several regular writers return with tales from their jaunts around the world and we welcome one sort-of-new contributor.

Marco Ferrarese travels from Asila to Chefchouan in Morocco with a Chameleon rescued from a market. He strolls around the Blue City with a lizard on his hat until it's time to return the mutating creature to the wild.

Tony Robinson-Smith is back with a tale of trekking through the jungle to what appears to be an isolated village in Papua New Guinea. First impressions don't always tell the full story, however.

I have grand plans to bike from city to city along the path or the original Erie Canal in Upstate New York, but have to be satisfied with a short jaunt and a dive into an important epoch in American history.

Antonia Malchik contributed to the Perceptive Travel blog for years, but on the heels of her new book, A Walking Life, she brings us a longer story on a winter return to her ancestral lands in Russia.

Susan Griffith handles the travel book reviews this month. She checks out an author's exploration of Russia through staying at homes of its residents, as well as a story of packing up everything and moving to Venice.

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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