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In our latest issue we take you to the South Pacific, to Mexico, to rural Rwanda, and to a story that finds ties between Europe and Africa.

Stephen M. Bland heads to the Pacific Island of Tanna, where the locals worship cults based on strange white-skinned visitors from many decades ago.

Lydia Carey encounters a different kind of religious mash-up during the spring solstice at Teotihuacan and a Catholic church that is more Mayan than Roman.

Music Producer Ian Brennan heads into the countryside of Rwanda to hear musicians who perform off the grid, without much to call their own besides the audio.

Wanda Hennig makes her debut with a story about a visit to a top restaurant in Poland, where she hears about a grisly connection to her homeland in South Africa.

Susan Griffith covers three new and noteworthy travel books that may be worth adding to your reading list.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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