Perceptive Travel Back Issues - 2006

November/December 2006

"Dark Side of the Moon in Iran" - Rory MacLean, acclaimed author of Magic Bus and Stalin's Nose, finds there are still a few remnants of the Hippie Trail left in Iran--at least when it comes to music.

"The Metamorphosis: Carefree World Traveler, then Mother" - Laurie Gough, award-winning author of Kite Strings of the Southern Cross, finds that becoming a mom has wreaked havoc on her travel instincts.

"When in Jordan" - Shari Caudron takes a break from interviewing people with strange passions and finds herself getting naked in front of a male stranger in the Middle East.

"Coup in a Cup" - Darrin DuFord goes on a mission to see if there's such thing as a decent glass of wine in Venezuela.

"Raiders of the Lost Temple" - Michael Buckley, author of Moon Handbooks Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos stumbles upon a remote Cambodian temple and looks into the underworld of real live tomb raiding.

Plus World music reviews - Graham Reid steps up to do this month's music reviews, covering albums from Palestine, Senegal, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

Book reviews - Wendy Knight, author of Making Connections: Mother Daughter Travel Adventures, reviews three travel books: Mexican Days: Journeys Into the Heart of Mexico, Es Cuba: Life and Love on an Illegal Island and Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home.

September/October 2006

"Uses for Dirty Underwear" - Guidebook writer Edward Readicker-Henderson gets sent on an upscale honeymoon article assignment in New Zealand but decides the most interesting attraction is a line of bras flapping in the breeze.

"Flying Saint" - Graham Reid, author of Postcards From Elsewhere, takes the back roads of southern Italy in search of miracles and a flying simpleton.

"Searching for Rare Primates in the Valley of the Langurs" - Jeff Greenwald, author of Shopping for Buddhas and The Size of the World, goes in search of rare primates on an island in Ha Long Bay.

"Dinosaur Tracks" - John W. Kropf, author of Unknown Sands, journeys to a remote area of Turkmenistan to walk where giants once roamed the Earth.

"Meat and Malbec at Midnight" - Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel travels through Argentina to immerse himself in the three pillars of local dining: grilled beef, lots of wine, and (very) late-night dinner conversations.

Plus world music reviews - This month's music reviews cover a compliation of Turkish grooves, the latest from Bajofondo Tango Club, a reggae compilation for kids, and a remix album from Cheb i Sabbah.

Book reviews - Susan Griffith, author of Work Your Way Around the World and other travel guides, reviews three new travel books: The Traveler's Handbook, The 8:55 to Baghdad, and Narrow Dog to Carcassonne.

July/August 2006

"Bit Parts and Drama in Pagoda Alley" - Richard Sterling, author of How to Eat Around the World, Food: A Taste of the Road, and several Lonely Planet World Food books, is currently laying his head (and his Panama hat) in Saigon. He reports on the characters populating his adopted home of "Pagoda Alley" and the dynamics of charity and pride.

"The Political Traveler" - Doug Lansky is the prolific author of Rough Guide's First-Time Around the World, Travel Survival, Lonely Planet Signspotting, and Last Trout in Venice. He writes about the news void we dive into while on the road and the strange reality of being an American living in Sweden.

"Black Market Biking" - Lea Aschkenas, author of Es Cuba, has the audacity to ask a Cuban tour guide where Fidel lives, then sees the non-na side of Havana on a bike.

"A Railway Runs Through It" - Michael Buckley, author of two books on Tibet, gives us the rundown on the controversial railway line opening there soon, connecting Tibet's capital Lhasa with the population centers of China.

"Dangerous Minds" - Wendy Knight, author of Far From Home: Father Daughter Travel Adventures and Making Connections: Mother Daughter Travel Adventures, catches grief from friends for taking her daughter to Colombia, but finds that her arrival back in New York is the scariest part of the journey.

Plus world music reviews of Putumayo Presents: Paris, Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra, El Perro del Mar, and Camera Obscura

Book reviews of Travelers' Tales Prague and the Czech Republic, How to Around the World and Romance on the Road.

May/June 2006

"Monkey Brains and Mangosteens" - Ayun Halliday, author of Dirty Sugar Cookies, No Touch Monkey, and other tales of misadventure, salivates over travel food memories and eats mangosteens until she drools.

"The Art of Finding 'Spots'" - Susan Griffith, author of Work Your Way Around the World and other travel guides, relates the ups and downs of being the mother of traveling skateboarders, from San Francisco to Barcelona to Prague.

"Nairobi by Degrees" - Lori Hein, author of Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, takes in a skyscraper-top view of Kenya's capitol through the eyes of the building's janitor.

"I Don't Know if She is Worth 900 Kroner" - Peter Moore, author of Vroom with a View and Swahili for the Broken Hearted interviews Swedish songwriter and couch surfing singer Jens Lekman.

"Head in the Cloudforests" - Dominic Hamilton, author and contributor for several South American guidebooks, becomes smitten with the power of misty mountains and gardens of life in the Andes.

Plus world music reviews of Karsh Kale, Amadou & Mariam, Sergio Mendes, and Bombay Dub Orchestra.

Book reviews of The Rough Guide to Travel Survival, The Romanian, and Tales from the Expat Harem.

March/April 2006

"Bringing Coral Reefs Back From the Dead" - Jeff Greenwald, author of Shopping for Buddhas, Scratching the Surface, and others, dives off the coast of Sulawesi and finds you really can revive a dead reef.

"The Coast of Bohemia" - David Farley, editor of Travelers' Tales Prague & the Czech Republic sees both sides of a a dumpy Black Sea beach town in Bulgaria.

"I Remember Adlestrop" - Joseph Gelfer, contributor to Fodor's New Zealand and editor of several humor books, visits the English setting of his favorite childhood poem.

"Be Nice to Strangers" - Bruce Northam, author of Globetrotter Dogma and editor of In Search of Adventure survives airport hell and redemption in Newark.

"Nothing to Achieve" - Joshua Berman, co-author of Moon Handbooks on Nicaragua and Belize, visits the holy site where Buddhism blossomed under a tree.

Plus world music reviews of Nortec Collective, Matisyahu, and The Now Sounds of Brazil, vol. 2.

Book reviews of The Devil's Picnic, The Best American Travel Writing 2005, and Lonely Planet's Bluelist.

January/February 2006

"Think Outside the Fence" - Bruce Northam find that the problem with fences is, once built, you don't know if you're inside or outside. The thoughts of a Botswana bushman, very roughly translated.

"Tantric Sex for Dilettantes" - Tantric masters are reputed to be able to have sex for hours at a time. In a quirky ashram in the sacred Indian city of Rishikesh, Rolf Potts takes a crash course in this mystic Eastern discipline.

"Secret Men's Monkey Business" - Californian men pay thousands of dollars to discover their primitive, Iron John side. Peter Moore finds that on a small island off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, all it costs is a carton of cigarettes and most of your dignity.

"Cruising Thailand's Chao Phraya River with Admiral Zheng He" by Harold Stephens. You think it's a big deal visiting 38 countries strung between Indonesia and East Africa? Try doing it in the early 15th century.

"Lure of the Cards" by Jen Leo - You gamble for a few days, you win or lose, then you go home. But what if Las Vegas is your home?

Travel Book Reviews: - Don't Let the World Pass You By: 52 Reasons to Have a Passport, Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Urban World, Lonely Planet's Signspotting

World Music Reviews of Chiekh Loh, Pete Murray, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, and various artists on Lagos Chop-up

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