Perceptive Travel US, Canada, and Caribbean Travel Stories

"Progress" in Colorado: A Visit and a Goodbye to a Rapidly Changing Place - Julia Hubbel

Lunch from the Surf: Foraging for Seaweed on the California Coast - Sherry Shahan

Hanging With the Hustlers of the Dominican Republic - Dave Seminara

A Wealth of Open Spaces at the Ski Resorts in Idaho - Tim Leffel

Reminders of Home in a World Away: the Rougher Side of Maui - Heidi Siefkas

A World of Trouble or the Making of an Explorer? - Bruce Northam

Flying Spirit With Mr. Skyes - Dave Seminara

A Lucky Dog Road Trip from Mexico to Maryland - Camille Cusumano

Return to Death Valley - Debi Goodwin

Paddling Home in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota - Heidi Siefkas

Mining the Past in Southwest Montana - Tim Leffel

Beating a Hasty Retreat from the USA in a Private 737 Airliner - Norm Bour

YOLO, FOMO, and Semper Paratus on Swim Call in the Caribbean - Gillian Kendall

Austin's East Side: Art for the Masses - Sherry Shahan

Celebrating a Quebec City Winter Visit by Going All the Way - Tim Leffel

Sasabe and El Paso Border Towns: History, Street Art, and Tolerance - Sherry Shahan

Shifting Gears in Baracoa, Cuba - Heidi Siefkas

A Digital Detox While Connecting With Nature: Four Weeks Unplugged in Remote Canada - Julia Hubbel

Too Cool for Normal in Illinois - Gillian Kendall

Booms, Busts, and Rebirths on the Erie Canal - Tim Leffel

Days of Musical Bliss at the Montreal Jazz Festival - Tim Leffel

America's Longest Stretch of History in St. Augustine, Florida - Tim Leffel

From Farm to Glass in the Finger Lakes of New York - Tim Leffel

Mount Whitney or Die - Sherry Shahan

Meeting Reggie - Judith Fein, photos by Paul Ross

Blowing Through the Lower Florida Keys - Tim Leffel

Kayaking the Calusa Blueway in Florida - Tim Leffel

Rock, Paper, Cod - Amy Rosen

Hula is Life: The Legacy of Hawaii - Michele Bigley

Taking the Carolina Hometown Tour - Lydia Carey

Compassionate Education Versus Dark Tourism at an Oregon Mental Hospital - Teresa Bergen

Gawking at Glaciers in Wild Alaska - Tim Leffel

A Hermit's Prayer on Salvation Mountain - James Michael Dorsey

Sanguine on the Water in Saguenay - Tim Leffel

Finding My German Roots in Fredericksburg, Texas - Teresa Bergen

Friend Requests in the Canadian Outback - Chris Epting

Yellowstone by Air in the Freezing Winter - Garrett Fisher

Diving Into Art in the Land of NASCAR - Tim Leffel

Locked Out of Canada - Gillian Kendall

Hanging Out with Homer Simpson in Florida - Tim Leffel

Savoring Craft Cannabis in Portland - Becky Garrison

Celestial Quebec - David Lee Drotar

Hiking in Teddy Roosevelt's Footsteps in Yosemite - Chris Epting

Unmarked History in New York City - Chris Epting

Biking Through the Bounty of Oregon - Tim Leffel

Did I Have an Alligator Mother? (USA) - Judith Fein

Following the Grooves in Martinique - Darrin DuFord

Harvesting the Spirit of Cannabis in the Pacific Northwest - Becky Garrison

The Blade Runners of Quebec - David Lee Drotar

Crossing Labrador by Foot With Noah - Jerry Kobalenko

From Miners to Movie Stars in Park City, Utah - Tim Leffel

In Canada's Forgotten First Capital - Tim Leffel

Exploring my Pilgrim Past at Plymouth - Becky Garrison

How Ted Turner Helped Me Fall in Love With Nature (USA) - Judith Fein

Off the Beaten Path with a Wayward Bat, in Florida - Gillian Kendall

An Apocalyptic Vision on the Hippy Side of Hawaii - Camille Cusumano

Going Where No Roads Go in Ontario - Carolyn B. Heller

Dark Meat, Bright City: Feasting on Seal in Montreal - Darrin DuFord

Moonshine Comes Out of the Woods (USA) - Vera Marie Badertscher

Rolling with the Stones Across America - Chris Epting

What's Wrong Gary? Rust and Ruin in Indiana - Niall McCrae

We're the Greatest! Our Quest to Be the World Capital of…Anything (USA) - Chris Epting

No One's Too Sexy for Miami - Tim Leffel

A Spiced-up Caribbean in Grenada - Bruce Northam

Keeping Secret Spots in New York City - Becky Garrison

I'll Have Another in Lexington, Kentucky - Tim Leffel

Alaska on the Rails - Amy Rosen

Frank Lloyd Wright's Humble Desert Palace (USA) - Michael Shapiro

Locked Down in Waikiki - Tom Koppel

Las Vegas for the 99 Percent - Tim Leffel

A Different State of Mine in Canada's Yukon Territory - Bruce Northam

Goldi-lox and the Three Bears in Western Canada - David Lee Drotar

Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland - Tony Robinson-Smith

Voices & Choices When a Human Flies (USA) - Lisa TE Sonne

Nome and the Speed of Sound Through Materials - Edward Readicker-Henderson

Into the Valley of Life (USA) - Chris Epting

My Life and Times With the CN Tower (Canada) - Amy Rosen

Hidden Falls in Alaska - Rachel Dickinson

Waikiki Love and Hate on Oahu Island - Gillian Kendall

Scars of the Wild in the Gulf of Mexico - Stephen Markley

Really Wild Wildlife in New York City - Ayun Halliday

High-speed Kills on the Open Plains: Falconry in Wyoming - Rachel Dickinson

Message en una Botella (Cuba) - Lea Aschkenas

Road Trips Through Life (USA) - Chris Epting

The Going-to-Be-Wonderful World of Disney - Gillian Kendall

Herby Ohio - Kristin Ohlson

Two Wheels, Two Drinks: Biking through America's Heartland - Tim Leffel

Kauai Footprints: the Dark Side of "Hidden Hawaii" - Michele Bigley

A Tale of Two Music Cities (USA) - Tim Leffel

Mardi Gras on New England's Left Coast - Bruce Northam

The Mysterious Stone Chambers of New England - Brad Olsen

Polar Bears in August (Canada) - Amy Rosen

Cliff Notes From Beyond (USA) - Rachel Dickinson

Signs of Alien Life Among Us (Canada) - David Lee Drotar

Secret Cities and Atomic Tourism (USA) - Tim Leffel

New Yorker Accepts Vermont Green Challenge - David Lee Drotar

Travel by the Glass (USA) - Chris Epting

Salmon and Red Cedar (Canada) - Pam Mandel

Showdown at the West Esplanade Canal - Darrin DuFord

Cuba's Port of Hope, on Hopeless Machinery - Luke Armstrong

Born in the USA: an Apple, a Taco, and a Doctor's Soda Syrup - Chris Epting

Sex, Lies and Desert Dust at Burning Man - Brad Olsen

Bloodvein: Redemption on the River in Manitoba - Amy Rosen

Sun-bathing with Ghosts in Cassadaga (Florida) - Rory MacLean

Western Canada Through the Eyes of a Child - Tim Leffel

Dial-a-Bird (Delaware) - David Lee Drotar

Sedona: Is the Whole Town Built on a Hoax? - Laurie Gough

People Power, Steeple Power: An Offbeat Way to Connect in the Caribbean - Janet Groene

Do More With Less: Survival, Then Surviving Scotch (Utah) - Bruce Northam

Let's Spend the Night Together (USA) - Chris Epting

Discovering Forbidden Archeology (USA) - Brad Olsen

How to Build an Igloo at 40 Below (Canada) - Amy Rosen

Black Market Biking (Cuba) - Lea Aschkenas

Be Nice to Strangers (Newark Airport) - Bruce Northam

Lure of the Cards (Las Vegas) - Jen Leo

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