Perceptive Travel South America Travel Stories

The Back Door of the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador - Sneed B. Collard III

Visiting Machu Picchu Without the Crowds - Tim Leffel

Trying Isolated Farm Life on a Uruguay Estancia - Tim Leffel

How to Lose Friends and Mortify People While Hiking in Peru - Marco Ferrarese

Lessons and Losses on Easter Island - Debi Goodwin

A Horseback Trek in the Andes with the Argentine Men of the Mountains - Madelaine Triebe

Finding My Ghost of the Future in the Amazon Jungle - Laura Resau

Hunting Wild Boar in the Brazilian Cowboy Country of Pantanal - Madelaine Triebe

Wining, Dining, and Cattle Driving in Uruguay - Claudia B. Flisi

Travels with Tarzan in the Amazon Jungle - James Michael Dorsey

Isolation and Empanadas in the Desert of Northern Argentina - Tim Leffel

The Mysteries of Life in the Amazon Jungle - Debi Goodwin

Bullfighting Buddhists or Backwards Bumpkins in Peru - Kirsten Koza

Complicated Crime and Punishment in Colombia - Tom Coote

Reliving an Abandoned Town on the Patagonian Coast - Madelaine Triebe

Unlocking Argentina's History - Debi Goodwin

Disconnected in a Landscape of Sand and Salt - by Tim Leffel

The Trip to Bolivia that I Never Took and Never Came Back from - Luke Maguire Armstrong

A Cowboy at the End of the World (Patagonia) - Shelley Seale

The River of Solitude in Brazil - Volker Poelzl

The Shaman of San Regis - James Michael Dorsey

Coming to Terms with Downpours, Bugs, and Visiting Creatures (Ecuador) - Lea Aschkenas

No Salad Days at the Buenos Aires Thieves Market - Camille Cusumano

Life in the Past Tense: Chile's Atacama Desert - Shelley Seale

An Unexpected World Record Holder in Rio - Bruce Northam

Tranquilandia Transformed in Colombia - Richard McColl

Passing up Paradise in Colombia - Luke Armstrong

Humble in the Jungle: Exploring Guyana's Rainforest - Laurie Gough

A Dialog of Echoes in Uruguay - Darrin DuFord

The Way to a Woman's Heart (Bolivia) - Marie Javins

The Ride of a Lifetime on Bolivia's Most Dangerous Road - Carla Seidl

Luck, Llamas, and a Peruvian Shaman - Sharon Spence Lieb

Missing in Patagonia - Camille Cusumano

The Peanut Fields of Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Darrin DuFord

Sobering Shamanism from Peru's Visionary Tea - Bruce Northam

Coup in a Cup (Venezuela) - Darrin DuFord

Meat and Malbec at Midnight (Argentina) - Tim Leffel

Dangerous Minds (Colombia) - Wendy Knight

Head in the Cloudforests (Ecuador) - Dominic Hamilton

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