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Perceptive Travel is an online travel magazine established in 2006 that is home to interesting and award-winning narrative stories from some of the best travel writers on the planet. It wins top awards on a regular basis and is a staple of "best travel writing" anthologies. Each monthly webzine issue is filled with unique perspectives from around the globe, written by book authors who see beyond the surface.

Travel destinations, books, and music are chosen on the whim of the writer and editor, not selected based on what tourism board, publishing company, or hotel chain is spending the most on advertising. Come here for authentic travel tales about interesting places, not for top-10 lists and advertorials.

We try to put out great stories without annoying you to death along the way. But if you want to click on the banners or text ads that interest you to keep the hosting bill and our writers paid, we will silently bow down in gratitude. If you're an advertiser or PR person who wants to work with us, see the Perceptive Travel Media Kit.

The editor spearheading this project is Tim Leffel, author of The World's Cheapest Destinations and Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, as well as Travel Writing 2.0. He has contributed to dozens of magazines and newspapers over period spanning nearly two decades and has won dozens of awards for his stories and books. You can see regular rants on his popular Cheapest Destinations travel blog

Jaime Matthews is the associate editor. Jay Phillips did the original design, Alan Akerman did the revamp. Follow individual writer bios at the end of stories to find out more on them.

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If you want to advertise with us or are a published book author or anthology editor with ample travel writing experience and would like to contribute (we pay even), see the contact page.

Thanks for popping by!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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NATJA Grand Prizes
SATW Lowell Thomas Gold Award
NATJA Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prizes
Solas Awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze
Northern Lights Awards first prize
NATJA "Best Travel Journalism Website" Silver and Gold
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