The Citiescape Asia Photo Contest Winners

Here are the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of Perceptive Travel's Citiescape Asia Photo Contest! The challenge was to submit a striking photo that captures the essence of one of 10 cities in Asia. We got a lot of great entries, but these were the clear favorites. See the bios on the four judges at the bottom, but first feast your eyes on the winning photos.

Man in Kathmandu
Joel Carillet

Our winner, Joel Carillet, hails from Johnson City, Tennessee, but has lived and traveled all over. Besides being a talented photographer, he has popped up on the Travelers' Tales site and just had a Saigon essay with photos published by the Christian Science Monitor. Joel scores a very nice boxed set of all 10 Citiescape books from Lonely Planet. I can't top the description from judge Andrew Busst, so here's his comment verbatim:

"A striking image with excellent composition and an almost haunting quality. The placement of the umbrella and repetition of the Red umbrella with the red on the man's forehead creates a fluidness within the image. The arresting gaze of the man captivates the viewer and leaves a lasting impression in one's memory."

Photos of a city skyline are everywhere, but some rise above the noise and make even jaded photographers say, "Wow!" This Sydney shot is one of those, with thought-out camera placement, just the right lighting, and surely a strong dollop of patience to get it just right. Mike scores a Perceptive Travel shirt of his choice and a new pickup line for the bars of his home country Australia.

The Sydney Harbour Skyline
Mike Vlack

Third place winner Chris Klein of Boston fittingly scores a Sydney Citiescape book for this offbeat shot of a familiar landmark. This one resonated with our judges for its new take on a building we thought we'd seen enough of already. Pop this one out ten years from now and it'll still look fresh.

A sunset rainbow fills the sky above the Sydney Opera House.
Christopher Klein

Our Judges:

Steve Davey is the author of a best-selling travel book filled with his globetrotting photos and his shots have been published in a wide variety of magazines, including the excellent Wanderlust. He also just started contributing his rants to the Perceptive Travel Blog.

Andrew Busst is a professional photographer who has produced one of the most impressive collections of New Zealand photography you'll find anywhere. He's a friend of Perceptive Travel, kindly lending his stunning images to our Uses for Dirty Underwear story.

Todd Adams is a photographer specializing in travel and music portraiture. His photos and writing have appeared in Condé Nast Traveler,, Rolling Stone, Reader's Digest, PBS, and Cross Rhythms UK. He is still waiting for National Geographic to return his calls.

Ian Middleton is a UK photographer now living in Slovenia. His photos have appeared in a wide variety of newspapers, guidebooks, and travel publications--including Perceptive Travel's upcoming May issue. He is the author (and photographer) of Mysterious World Ireland.

Honorable Mentions

The following two Honorable Mention entrants didn't win anything beyond bragging rights, but they were in the running for the finals. Enjoy!

Mao and Little Mao?
Alan Albert

Chinese temple in Saigon with circular conic incenses burning from temple ceiling.
Peter Jou

Copyright Notice: It's so obvious we shouldn't have to tell you this, but all photos are copyright of the photographer, with all rights reserved. If you want to use one of the photos in something besides a story about this contest (with an appropriate link back), you need to ask. See the Contact link on this page and we'll put you in touch.

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