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Compiled by editor Tim Leffel

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I think it's safe to say that no mainstream travel magazine would count a story about a serial killer and the downsides of getting off the beaten path in Hawaii in its top-10 most popular list. Perceptive Travel readers obviously aren't your typical surface-level travelers. Our most-read story subjects include the capital of Burma, a burning devil in Guatemala, the fake-out new age industry of Sedona, and strange stone chambers in New England. We thank you for being as strange and quirky as our writers.

Here are the most popular travel stories of all time (the first 10 years). This is minus the two that got way too much search traffic—and a high bouce —by having "sex" in their title.

1) The Mysterious Stone Chambers of New England by Brad Olsen

An Archaeological Enigma: Colonial Root Cellars, Native American Sweat Lodges, or Prehistoric European Structures?

secret beach

2) Kauai Footprints: the Dark Side of "Hidden Hawaii" by Michele Bigley

When a guidebook writer gets the enviable job of covering the island of Kauai, she finds the locals are not too keen on another write-up encouraging stupid tourists to do stupid things on their sacred land.

3)The Burning of the Devil in Guatemala by Luke Maguire Armstrong

In all of Antigua, Guatemala, there is only one place in the city where two gas stations sit across the street from each other. Someone years ago decided that this is the spot where every December 7th, people would gather to watch : The Burning of The Devil.

4) Sedona: Is the Whole Town Built on a Hoax? by Laurie Gough

Masculine energy fields, spiritual consciousness guides, and The Eleventh Chakra. Is any of this for real? Laurie Gough puts feet on soil around Sedona, Arizona to separate divine from delusional.

5) Unbalanced in the Sinking City by Tim Leffel

In Mexico City, all signs point to a metropolis that shouldn't even be here, much less be functional. Our editor explores the crooked lines of buildings and the straighter lines of segregation in the largest city in the Americas.

Mexico City travel story

6) Loco Bill, the Expat Killer by Richard Arghiris

In a land of opportunity for society's outcasts—Bocas del Toro—someone could get easily get away with murder...or five of them. On the bloody trail of Panama's first serial killer.

Thailand travel story

7) Thai Voluntourism for All the Wrong Reasons by Gillian Kendall

With noble plans to help the poor abused elephants in Thailand, Gillian Kendall learns that voluntourism works best when it reshapes your ingrained perceptions.

8) A Capital Built for Kings and SUVs by Robert Reid

A 2007 visit to Burma's bizarre then-new capital, Naypyidaw: a secretive city of sprawling zones and long walks.

Myanmar capital story

9) Humble in the Jungle: Exploring Guyana's Rainforest by Laurie Gough

Delving into one of the world's last remote places where few humans tread, Laurie Gough goes critter-spotting while hoping most of them stay out of her bed.

10) Just a Simple Strip of Cloth: Desert Wear in the Sahara by Jessica Lee

In the beautiful but threatening Sahara Desert of southern Algeria, a white blue-eyed woman with soft feet discovers how the tough Tuareg people conform to their surroundings.

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