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We've got some new experiences sneaking into our stories now as vaccination rates go up and in some countries anyway, it's getting safer to move around. But as usual these days, we're also mixing in some essays from past travels that are poignant or timeless.

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Chantae Reden is one of our regular contributors over on the Perceptive Travel blog, but she's also a guidebook author. She spent this pandemic in relatively unaffected Fiji, but before the lockdowns she visited some remote Fijian islands that few outsiders get to experience.

Heidi Siefkas moved to a different island "paradise"—Maui—just as it got difficult to go anywhere. So like any good self-employed adapter, she started a new business: loaning out vans on an island with too few cars to rent.

New contributor Kayla Kurin looks back on an escape from London to supposedly warm and sunny Crete, where she ends up stuck in her rental house during a rare bout of snow.

As a resident of Mexico, I've traveled a lot around the country in a rental car, but bad luck gets into the back seat every time I enter the state of Nayarit...

Bill Caverlee is back with some book reviews, including an annual anthology of great narrative travel writing from women, stories about glaciers in western Canada, and a pop-up book about historic train journeys.

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