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Last month we took a break from new material and highlighted five "best travel writing" award winners from our recent archives. Now we're returning to normal with four new travel stories and reviews of three new books.

One of those award-winners, James Michael Dorsey, has another story from Southeast Asia, this one related to monks who seemed to rise above a human plane at Buddhist sites in Burma.

Bruce Northam goes on a journey of rediscovery on a new walking route led by the original aboriginal inhabitants of Tasmania, a walkabout along the shores and through the scrub.

We travel to the Deep South of the USA with Judith Fein, who stumbles upon a boarding house from the Green Motorists Guide days and hears stories from a man who grew up there, hearing legendary musicians play.

I get away from the throngs of tourists in Prague and head two hours north to a magical-looking land of spires, rock towers, natural labyrinths, and mossy canyons in the Czech Republic.

Susan Griffith returns with new and notable travel books to check out, from three women writers exploring destinations that reflect their own states of mind

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