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As vaccines get into more arms each month, we're hoping for a brighter travel future ahead. Meanwhile, we try to put out deeper, more thoughtful travel articles anyway, stories worth reading whether you're making plans for the featured place or not. We've got a few looks back to the past this month, plus one more recent adventure dispatch.

In This Issue

We kick things off with a debut from Sophia Erickson, about an African country we haven't covered before: Eritrea.

Madelaine Triebe returns to her childhood home of Sweden, where her longing to connect with nature gets her lost and wandering in a vast national park up north.

Heidi Siefkas moves to Maui and then gets stuck there, so she decides to explore the rugged north of the island that looks more like where she came from than the brochure scenes of palm trees and big waves.

The last feature is mine from where I was in February last year. Right before all the border closures and lockdowns, I was skiing without a care on the uncrowded slopes of Idaho.

As usual, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. Susan Griffith checks out a tale of cycling across five continents, a too-detailed description of an expat summer in Galicia, and a collection of travel puzzles and quizzes.

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