Manta Patrol Video: Giant Rays Filmed in the Maldives
By Michael Buckley

In this video accompaniment to Perceptive Travel's Manta Patrol in the Maldives story, Michael Buckley freedives with mantas at Baa Atoll in the Maldives. Later, we see footage from Negombo fishmarket in Sri Lanka, showing dead mobula rays. Mantas and mobulas are fished for their gill plates, catering to Chinese medicinal vendors: the next bogus "cure" that will wipe out yet another species of animal.

For more information about diving with these amazing creatures, and about the campaign to save them, see

Michael Buckley is a frequent traveler to southeast-Asian and Himalayan regions. His ebooks are available through—just search: buckeroo. Buckley is author of a number of books on Tibet (listed at and filmmaker for several short documentaries about Tibet (

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