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We finished up our 12th year of publishing in 2017 and thanks to you, we're still going strong into 2018. We will continue to bring you interesting travel stories about interesting places from book authors with something to say.

Jim Johnston heads to New Delhi with lots of well-laid plans, but a serious smog alert sends him off to random towns in Rajasthan where he encounters people and things in chance encounters.

Tony Robinson-Smith travels to a remote part of Bhutan where the main attraction in a national park is a set of packed hot springs meant to cure your ailments—or maybe find you a mate in the crush of bodies.

James Dorsey travels to a secondary temple in Cambodia and ponders the aftermath of land mines while meeting a mysteriously gifted musician.

I venture into the high desert Salta Province region of Argentina, where a gravel road is considered a national highway and a few million years of violent upheaval have created stunning landscapes.

William Caverlee reviews three new travel books: Birding Without Borders, On the Camino and a book from contributor Tom Coote on Dark Tourism.

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