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We don't make that claim lightly: for more than 10 years our writers have been racking up awards. The latest to score is one of this issue's contributors, James Dorsey. He recently won the Grand Prize in the prestigious Solas Awards from Travelers' Tales Publishing. In case that wasn't enough, he also pulled in five other awards in five categories! Congrats also to our own Darrin Duford, who also won in multiple categories. See the full list here.

In this current issue James takes us to a man's driven labor of love in the California Desert, the man-made pilgrimage site of Salvation Mountain. Michael Buckley returns to Bhutan and hikes the wild east of the country, where Yeti legends live. Becky Garrison is back with another look at religious history filtered through 500 years, on the anniversary of Martin Luther's grand act in Germany. J. Jaye Gold makes his debut here with a story on venturing deep into the Sahara Desert for several nights of complete silence.

We top things off with Susan Griffith's reviews of new and notable books, including two very different ruminations on trails.

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- Tim Leffel, Editor

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