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We decided to wrap up 2017 with a bang, starting with Richard Bangs. The famed explorer and TV host is back with a tale from a country that seems like a fitting follow-up to November's articles on North Korea and the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. Let's take a trip to Iran! As is often the case, what our traveler finds on the inside doesn't alway reconcile with the news coverage of the outside.

Then Debi Goodwin takes us to a place where the perceived danger could easily be real—if you abandon your guide and go wandering off the path. This is the Amazon Jungle Basin on Ecuador, one of the wildest places in South America.

Amy Rosen has written several stories on Canada for us over the past decade. This times she heads way east to Newfoundland, defined by the ups and downs of Cod fishing. On Fogo Island, they've managed to survive and thrive.

Then Lydia Carey gets swept up into a huge crowd in Mexico City, joining the downtrodden and probably more than a few criminals to honor the other Judas of the 12, now a revered saint.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books: one by a pioneering guidebook editor, one by the editor of Wanderlust, and another from jfjf.

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