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We hope you enjoyed your summer break and used some time off to travel and recharge. After taking August off with our best-of issue, we're back with some new stories from Africa, the USA, and Mexico.

Prolific author Chris Epting has been working on a book about Teddy Roosevelt and the birth of the national park system. He travels to Yosemite and retraces the historic trip when Roosevelt joined naturalist John Muir. James Dorsey is back with a tale from the time he donned the blue robe of the Teuregs and roade a camel for a 100-mile trip through the Sahara. The third story this month is from me, looking at a sustainable tourism operation in an interior biosphere of Mexico that's a far cry from the wall of concrete resorts on the coast.

Then as usual we spin some notable world music albums, this month from Graham Greene, plus William Caverlee checks out some new travel books in detail.

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Looking for a travel story that appeared in a previous issue? Dive into the Perceptive Travel Archives, where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut. In between new online magazine issues, check out the award-winning Perceptive Travel Blog

Happy trails!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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