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We've got another collection of interesting travel tales from multiple continents, the kind of real stories you won't normally find in that glossy magazine in your dentist's office. We try to dig a little deeper, travel a little further, and even get a little uncomfortable now and then.

One place you don't read much about is the Turkish territory of Northern Cyprus, partly beccause nobody recognizes it except Turkey. Darrin DuFord is back with the scoop. Kirsten Koza expounds on gypsy scams and curses, as well as horrid bathrooms, on her story about visiting Romania over a 12-year period. Lydia Carey is back with another Mexico tale, this one on the canal system that's been in what's now Mexico City since before Aztec times, and its role in keeping the metropolis alive. I return to the Himalayas of Nepal, hiking the mountains I spent three weeks trekking some 20 years ago.

We top things off with Bill Caverlee's reviews of new and notable books that are at least somewhat related to travel, including a Shakespear troupe that set out to perform in every country of the world.

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