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We've got another collection of interesting travel tales from around the world. This month we've got an obsession with Asia...and simians. Monkeys and apes end up figuring into a lot of stories when you travel through Asia, so it's no surprise that some of them become central characters.

James Dorsey visits a moonshiner in the jungle in Laos and sees how he puts together bottles of snake whisky. All good journalism until an unexpected guest starts a drinking contest. Marco Ferrarese ventures into some of the wildest territory in Borneo to find an orangutan in its natural territory. The big orange alpha male is not happy to be disturbed.

Susan Van Allen goes for a more demure vacation when she succumbs to her nun obsession and checks into a convent in Rome. Dustin Grinnell sets off, like many young people, to find solitude and himself on a long journey abroad. He finds what he wasn't originally seeking in China.

We top things off with Susan Griffith's reviews of new and notable travel books. Like this publication, two of them don't shy away from the negative sides of travel and dark tourism, while a third deals with facing and embracing danger.

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