We hope your 2018 is going well and that our readers in the coldest parts of the world are busy planning a vacation to somewhere warmer (or at least a place to play in the snow!) We've got a few new stories from wandering book authors for you to read on a tablet, hopefully by a fireplace with a beverage in hand.

In "Sicily, With Cherries on Top," Italy guide author Susan Van Allen returns to the southern island to track down a legendary sweets maker in his bakery.

Luke Armstrong is back after a hiatus following a medical recovery, part of that time spent in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand to find his inner peace.

When Marco Ferrarese wants to attend a traditional funeral in the Tahah Toraja area of Sulawesi, he finds a guide who can get them in with a few white lies. In the end though, the bull bloodbath turns out to be more than he can stomach.

After a few decades of adventure travel, I roll up to the Copper Canyon Adventure Park thinking I'm ready for whatever they throw at me. My confidence takes a dive though when I'm clinging to a cliff a few hundred meters from the ground.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books that cover paeans to small islands, to Greyhound bus travel, and to not allowing parenthood to stop you in your travel tracks.

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Let's take a trip!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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