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This month, we have an interesting collection of stories ranging from the jungles of Australia to the Balkans to Arctic Norway to small town USA. There is a strong theme of finding intriguing things in unexpected places, often catching the writers off guard.

David Nikel explores Norway's North Cape and discovers peace, colorful culture, and a side of Arctic Norway that the busloads of tourists who come in for a single photo only get to see a small part of.

Michael Buckley channels his inner Chewbacca on a zipline tour through the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Though the view from the treetops is incredible, Michael is more captivated by the mysteries existing on the rainforest floor.

Lydia Carey steps back into her family's history by following her charismatic father and uncle through North Carolina's mill towns. While her family has been in North Carolina for decades, she now experiences her family's hometowns as an outsider.

Tim Leffel cycles through the steep borders of three Balkan countries over six days, where his legs take on the alter-ego of Chris Rock. The reward for this strenuous journey? A cold beer and the sight of Dubrovnik with few others around.

Finally, William Caverlee reviews a book about an eclectic scientist who chases eclipses and two other anthologies of stories written by talented female travel writers.

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